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Through the services of Demo Dan's Custom Guns in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, we “aim for perfection.” What this term simply means is that if you are not happy with our work, we will do what it takes to ensure that we meet your shooting needs.

Services Offered


We retail top-notch pistols and rifles, as well as their respective parts. Besides these, we also sell a wide range of gun-related accessories including ammunition, holsters, bags, cases, range supplies, knives, and scopes.

To purchase online we will need to transfer firearms to a FFL Dealer near you: Please click here


If you own either an AR-15 or an AK-47, we have the expertise and tools to customize their various parts according to your exact specifications. No matter how simple or elaborate your proposed design may be, we can promptly create it for you.


It is inevitable that the longer you own a firearm, the more prone it is to all sorts of wear and tear. With our gun repair service, we can fix minor damages found on your pistol, rifle, or shotgun. In case we are unable to fully restore it to its original quality, we have a repair referral system that can help us locate a facility that can do the job.

Federal Firearms License (FFL) Transfer Transactions: 

  • Free for All Active-Duty Servicemembers and Veterans

  • $15 Pistol Fee

  • $15 Rifle Fee

  • $10 NICS Check

Don’t miss out on our seasonal promotional items in-store! Currently, we are working on becoming an official dealer of Colt, Smith & Wesson, SIG Sauer, and Mossberg firearms. Additionally, we have a full pistol range opening in late September.